Diablo 3 keeps shutting down my comp.

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Its weird. The game seems to run fluently. I'm running it on pretty high graphics and the FPS is constantly on the upper cap. Yet it keeps shutting down my computer after 20 mins of gameplay. Happened 2 times before.

I'm not getting blue screens. The game runs on max FPS all the time. Then suddenly it shuts down like there is a power outage. Monitor shuts down also (turns black).

No dust bunnies. I keep my computer clean on the in and outside.

How do i know if its a hardware issue?
When i finished installing the game i did get a message about something not being up to date or anything but all it did was leading me to battle.net support homepage and didnt really tell me how i can fix the problem.
I have the same thing but with me its even when i am installing the game.....i cant even play it.

my system is a intel Q6600 core2 quad@2,4Ghz, 4 gig ram and a GTX 470 (nvidia)
You should try to minimize the amount of usage with diablo 3. Diablo 3 uses a lot of usage. Try to put it to low grafics and lower the sound and close everything down.
Hope this helps :)

And you, You should finish downloading. I tryed playing it while downloading and it lagged way to much (And i have a GREAT computer). :P
Livedreamer - computer shutdown after a period of time usually indicate overheating. I would check your CPU temperature with HWmonitor. Leave it running in the background while you play, occasionally alt tab to it to see how high the temperature gets.
Same issue here. CPU temp is fine. High usage results in lag long before it results in overheating, unless Diablo III is has access to the overclocking features of the i7 processor. Basically, this isn't a heating issue. Let's get some new ideas going here.
same here.. my laptop with gtx 280m just completly shuts down after a couple minutes of gameplay. it give no warning whats so ever.

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