Where do I find Legendary item's & Runes?

Items and Crafting
Do I just play and they drop in game? Do runes just drop in game, just like legendary items?
There are no runes to be found...ever
Where do I read Nightmare difficulty?
When you beat the game on Normal.
I got lucky and found my first legendary in act 1 at normal difficulty, so I think there are legendary items for every level.
From my experience, legendaries drop just as often (IE barely) in nightmare as in normal. Our group of 4 had 2 legendary drops in normal. They were both way under the level we were and dissapointingly bad. We hoped it would get better in nightmare but so far we've only found 1 legendary (in the start of act 3) and it was 10 levels below us, and filled with useless stats. To me it's dissapointing. I loved that when you killed big bosses in diablo 2 there was a geyser of multi-coloured loot, uniques and set-items, even at low level. In diablo 3 it's just boring, 3 yellow items from Diablo, not even a legendary, boring as hell.

Seems that in diablo 3 a legendary isn't really noticable for specific stats, but just a collection of random stats that's most likely sub-optimal. It's dull.

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