updating system files...any new fixes?

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I've tried everything listed so far. Still the same problem with agent.exe crashing. I have vista. I believe the issue would work if I could run as service pack 3 like windows 7 has but alas I have tried everything I can and am awaiting a new download or for agent.exe to be more compatable. Please fix this blizzrd I can't even play the game :I
Still in the same boat too. Trying a few more fixes at the moment and redownloading at 70%...not feeling optimistic though
I fought this crap all through the beta weekend to no avail and all morning today until work. Came home and screwed with it for another 2 hours. Here is what ultimately got me to start installing it on my Vista machine:

Take the file from this link - http://www.gamefront.com/files/21699449

and copy it's contents directly into the ProgramData/battle.net. I didn't even bother to delete everything and instead confirmed the file replacements. I ran the program from my DVD as administrator and after that it took off like a bat out of hell and I'm not at 37% installed.
same here

tried EVERY fix.... awaiting my support ticket to be answered. might have to call all night.

And it crashed at 77% saying that the final .mpq file was corrupt. Ridiculous...
Since 12:15 A.M., EST, tried every fix that was suggested. NOTHING helped. Submitted ticket, now waiting... any who, bump

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