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Can't log in... problems creating character when we DO log in..

Theres an error im getting.. its called blizzard should have been prepared for this, and wasn't because...

1. They didn't do anything about the servers failing miserably during open beta during the ENTIRE open beta..

2. They didn't invite people to the beta who are actually interested in the game, and who would have tested it..

3. And finally, diablo 3 isnt WoW, their cash crop, so it was put on a back burner thinking it would go nowhere fast...

okay, so i know some of you butt-kissers will come through here saying "herpa derp running a server is hard DERP" .. well, just fyi.. that's what BETA was for.. making sure they had enough space on launch day.. not to mention WoW has been running for years, and they still have the same issues, and the same bugs every major patch. all in all, blizzard should have know how to handle this, but because blizzard has so many followers telling them their every move was a "good job" and "everyone makes the same mistake 15000 times.. its okay" , then we get this.. diablo 3 launch day.. and i guarantee it'll be the same when mists of pandora launches... and when sc2 expansion launches... running a server isn't hard at all.. updating it is the hardest part, and there shouldn't have been any updates to turn on a server.. its just blizzard failing.. admit it. Not everyone is perfect, and blizzard is even less so.

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