Collectors edition - cant log in.... help?

Technical Support
As the title says. Why cant collector edition users log in? The log in button in game is permanently gray.
Solution pls
Make sure you have registered the key on under your account. Also, when you log in make sure that you use your account email in the Name field, not your Battletag.
Already done - still does not work!!!
Double check under account management that your CE copy is applied and active. Never hurts to double check :)

And are you are logging in using your email? Your BattleTag will NOT work for login.
Belladona, youre one of the idiots that piss me off more than anything. Instead of being a condescending retard, offer some advice that a !@#$ing 2 year old cant think of.
Yes yes. Even uninstalled re installed the game and the msg came the game was already registered to the account... Also using email. Just cant login. The button wont go bright its like disabled.....
There are no error msgs. Just the log in button does not light up... Its always gray like disabled... Is there a different release date for CE? That would be stupid
did you open your beta D3 icon accidently :P
Dvd in installed. Started launcher- cant log in

I am not an idiot... I launched the game like i would WoW

Game is active... Why the hell does it not log in. The button does not work...

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