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you cant work all the bugs out of the game until you launch it and 50 million people log onto it
giant diffrence between beta and real play
id love 2 judge the game on how it holds up, but ohhh wait i cant? and whos fault is that, that they only tested it 4 a few months? it aint mine, cuz with a DECADE of making a game, ud think they could fit a lil more than a few months of testing in, all the pushing back of the release date they did, u obviously dont kno where im coming from, this is coming from a person who probly shelled out over 3 grand, buying a new desktop and accessories and all the top of the line gaming enhancements u can buy, so i have a right 2 be a lil ticked off
Is thats whats up the servers are down and there wroking on them?

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