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SteeveDiablo has the reasoning correct. (according to what my G73 is doing) The graphics card is overheating. With a hardware monitoring app, I've watched it skyrocket as soon as Diablo III starts up. Though I'm not a fan of dumbing down the game to run properly. I'll be looking for a new GPU.

My G73 has always run warmer than I'd like so it's probably just more susceptible to overheating as soon as you through something challenging at it.
What SteveDiablo has stated is correct.
I Noticed that the GPU core was Running at 76 Degrees Celcius whithout WoW & When i start it in Windowed Mode It Jumps Tp 100 Degrees Soon after Playign the Game for a bit it Jumps up to 108 Degrees and there after Shuts Down to the Black Screen Before Shuttign Down the Computer. WHen I Switch Between Windowed Mode to Full Screen Mode the GPU Temp Stabalizes at 90 to 98 and there fore has not Shut Down. Also As i prefer to Play Windowed mode i found that by Switchign to 800x600 resulation in the game and setting the Graphics to Low the Temperature is stable at 80 degrees Celcius on the GPU.
Seems the Game Demands alot of rendering that overheats the GPU.
Also youll noice when you play with all the normal settings the Frame rate is at around 40 to 45 fps
but when you lower everything and switch to 800x600 the frame rate jumps up to 100 FPS


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