Going HC to SC (small talk till servers)

Anyone tried playing SC after playing HC?

I found it extremely boring and I don't know when I'll ever get the will to play through SC now.
Maybe once I lose a 30 hour+ character...
I had no intention of ever playing SC past lvl 10 and that was only because Blizzard made me waste time not giving a !@#$ slashing everything on a one man wrecking path until I could unlock hardcore.

I'm thankful we only had to get to lvl 10 and not beat it like last time around...but I sincerely hope when IV comes out in 20 years they'll make it an option at the begining.
iim on the other side. i was playing SC but soon as i hit 10 i think ill roll HC and not look back untill, as you said... i lose a xx hour char
I had no problem playing SC after HC in D2. I never got that rush a lot of people here talk about from doing it, and only ended up playing HC so I could say I'd beaten the game that way once (although doing that ended up taking a lot more characters than one).

Fundamentally though, I was always frustrated when I died, and I never actually played all that differently than I did in SC (where I also try not to die as best I can). So for that reason every death and restart felt kind of pointless and annoying.

It did feel good when I finally beat the game on HC, but I had no particular need or desire to do that a second time with a new character.

Edit: D3's HC mode is a bit more appealing to me for two reasons though. First, it has no RMAH. Second, and this is just a guess at this point, I'd expect it has a more interesting community of people to mess around with (I always just played D2 on single player, so that was never an issue for me there. It would be nice to meet a few good/fun people to play with on D3 though). Both of those are aspects I suspect I'd miss if I went back to SC from HC.
I will play SC when I go for second 60 of each class for achieves. I won't have nearly as much enthusiasm though.
Basically SC is ultra boring. Anything I do in SC seems so less rewarding then HC
Softcore ruined the game. I don't know why they included them again this time. The community is greedy, uninformed, lazy, and worst of all entitled. Fortunately (as mentioned) we only have to suffer this mode for 10 levels.

Hardcore keeps the game fresh. You play, you die, you reroll, you have fun and take your time. The community has always been awesome, amongst PKs and PKKs and Fresh Meat alike and we are usually always classy. You play HC you play among the people that know how to play (or want to learn how to and will listen) and actually play the game and aren't there just to collect the absolute best gear and hit max level.

The dumbest answer I've ever heard for not playing HC is: I lose my stuff I worked for when I die.

I guess that's a good thing, keeps everyone practicing in softcore. Someone pass the crumpets.
Go play ROTMG , you will be sick of dieing and sick of HC. however, it is still a cool mode for what its worth.
After playing D2 HC for several years, the thought of playing any game in SC bores me. I even played the big MMOs for a bit; but honestly, I didn't feel like I really accomplished anything even after our guild cleared all the content. SC, to me (and many others I'm sure) just doesn't provide a challenge or a rush or a feeling of accomplishment, etc...
I plan on playing through normal-inferno once just to get a bit of feel of the difficulty levels, then try HC. But i swear if i die from lag ill throw my monitor through a window
Hope you have a back up monitor
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I'm an Avid hardcore fan and I'm finding I'm terribly bored with anything but,

A friend of mine was over for release so we we're playing Soft core together, even after the anticipation of getting online, it bored me to sleep. I played for 4 hours and just got tired of train rolling through all the fights with out a single f*ck to be given.

We didn't do anything all that prepared and zealously charged in through all the events at his speed - His Soft core mentality of "Loots. Exp. Now." and even still we got through act one unscathed (missing half the bloody story), save for him standing in the fire at the end of act 1.

I logged on for a bit today for some good clean Hardcore fun, (sounds dirty doesn't it) and I found my play style was a lot different even though I had a vague idea of what was in store.

I was trapping destructable doors as the Demon hunter before I even opened them and just generally being very cautious. Far more immersive and fun, and the only thing that changed was that I wasn't racing through content at a Soft core players speed. Still going fairly quick, but enjoying it far far more.
Merihim brings up an excellent point.

I find that playing the game first in HC, I pay alot more attention to what's going on, including the story.

I tend to explore every area and open every chest, barrell, etc..., alwyas looking for an extra piece of gear before I move on to the next area.

In fact, before a boss fight, I even take a pause to consider: am I ready for this or should I go back and farm the previous area to get another level or some better gear?

To me, this gives me a great deal of satisfaction that I am getting every bit out of the game. If I were rushing through the game in SC, I would probably only see half the game.
I can't get into SC anymore. The items feel valueless and I have no attachment to my character and I don't play the same way. Even though we are talking about video games, SC feels like a bigger waste of time than HC, ironically...

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