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Anyone who can help me on this:

I have delete battle.net folder under /Users/Shared/battle.net, and kill all process listed on FAQ, then restart the install application. my boot volume is case-sensitive, so I move target folder to another volume which is not case sensitive. but the installer still give me that error message!!

How can I install it on my machine?

Thanks a lot!
I had this issue earlier today and it was because of one reason. What you need to do is to delee everything you downloaded from battle.net to do with diablo 3. So go in to applications and delete you diablo3 install files and then go back to battle net and reinstall using the blizzard downloader. Leave your blizzard downloader and don't interfere with it at all
when it;s finished downloading it will automatically reboot the installer on its own. Now, what you need to do is you need to go to this website 'http://patchup.info/d3/tools/Mac/' and download the SetupOSX.mpq file. When it's downloaded drag it into your diablo installation file and it will ask you if you want to have it along side the file that already exists or if you'd like to replace it. You click' replace' then proceed with your download. This is what i've done and it's solved my problem. The only problem i'm having now is that the downloader gets to around 70% mark and then prompts me that my internet connection is lost and I need to connect to the internet to download, which, I am so i have no idea wtf is going on!
Thanks for the info ^ But Im also having the same problem you'r having now!
Ugh ...

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