IS this normal for a new game release?

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Seriously, 100's of posts of legit install/gameplay issues. This seems pretty absurd to me. I have been working on installing this game since 3AM EST. Ive read every post from blues and helpful players. This is completely unfair to all those who waited patiently for this release
never buying a digital copy again, mists of pandaria beta never worked and now this. ffs.
I think many people are having issues with the hard copy as well
Most games do have issues i remember EQ2 was down a full week with server issues a lil after launch. But issue is this also a single player game with related issues. But to be honest they are tring to fix it pretty quickly. I still hate waiting though :(
This is the first time I've ever had an issue with a blizzard installer. First it was asking me for a DVD. No matter which files I tried or 'fixes' on the internet I could google would work, so I moved the whole folder and started fresh. 2nd time Encryption errors stopped me from installing. Currently on the 3rd attempt. I had the beta installed and working with no issues. It seems they put all their time and effort into the actual gameplay, and not testing how that gameplay would actually be delivered to a user's home system, i.e. the blizzard downloader/launcher.
There are many of us who have been having a variety of issues. I installed this morning and have yet to actually get in game. After they finally fixed a multitude of error codes that were popping up, I can't get in because the servers are full. Do you understand the irony in that? I CAN'T PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME BECAUSE THE SERVERS ARE FULL. No bugs happen, as well as errors, but after WOW, SC I & II, as well as Diablo I & II, you'd think Blizzard would at least be able to have enough servers up on launch day. I mean they've had, what, 5 years to get ready?

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