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Bug Report
Hellow all, when i try to list an item to sell at the auction house its getting to the point where the auction house process the item and then and i mean every single time that i tried it says to me "your request has timed out"... what i need to do in order to fix this problem?
*an update- now it always giving me the error "auction failed" (32309)
whats going on with these problems?
thx for the helpers!
The same problem here
Having the same issues. Maybe they need to update the gold auction house before they even think about the real money auction house.
Bumping.. just happend to me. wtf! legendary weapon.
I can't post an item in the AH Error 32309 rare weapon
Yep, I can post other items, just not the Keen Stone Knife.
Bump, ive got a bugger item too, cant put it on AH
it looks expensive, so im pretty pissed

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