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Hey there.
I just thought I'd remind everyone that if you're having technical issues with your game, to please post it in the Technical Support section of the Diablo III forums.
You will be more likely to find people there with solutions, similar problems, and people that are willing to help you pin down what's causing your issue.

PC Technical Support:

Mac Technical Support:

Known issues and possible fixes:

Providing game feedback/suggestions:

This keeps the Aus & NZ General Discussion board open for people wanting to discuss the game in general with those in their region, and helps to avoid their posts getting bumped down too far.

If you can't find the help you need on Tech Support, you can click on the Support button up the top and submit a ticket to Blizzard. This is important as there may be a compatibility issue on your machine that they will need to look into.

Have fun, and remember to be kind to one another :)
Where would one post to inform blizzard that making single player fully online was an awful idea and the most draconian of drm worse then even ubisofts games at least ezio wont teleport around crazily if the servers having difficulty and/or your connection is...lag in a single player mode...just awful.
I will add some links into my post with information on making game suggestions.

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