So I'm having lag in the game

Technical Support
I've been spending the last hour trying to update my driver in vain.

The only reason I bothered was because I was experiencing some performance issues like a zombie freezes and then appears right in front of me, my character won't move, and the action is choppy. My video settings are at a minimum atm.

Is this because of my computer or because 5 million people are logged onto the servers right now?

It's pretty annoying because I'll get some mobs that can knockback and then get knocked back while supposedly they are still like 20 yards away.
Guys, is there an answer to this?

It's potentially game breaking for me because I can get surrounded by enemies without even realizing it, then I'm fenced in. On my side, it might look like I just reached those health globes, but in reality, I've been fenced in for 3 seconds and just died.
this is something 10000 other people are having problems with. It seems to be on blizzards end

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