log in issues????

Technical Support
it keeps telling me my information is wrong. what the heck! i just used the same information to log into my account on the website to /cry in these forums wwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy!!!!!
Can you provide the full error message? Are you using your full email address?
getting the same thing
"your login information was incorrect please try again (315300)"
but like i said i know its right because i JUST used it to login to the website...
i used my full email not my user name. it seriously just doesn't make sense .
are the login servers down? can i get a blue post to comfirm this??
i found another forum about this issue, it seems several others are having this problem as well. try uninstalling then reinstalling. and if that doesnt work they suggest making another windows profile with admin security and installing and playing from that profile. most claim the last works. though it makes no sense why...

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