Error 317002

Technical Support
Getting an Error 317002 everytime I try to create a game.
Happening to me as well.
Same here.
Same here. I just now finally fixed my installation issue and I still can't play. :(
Same :-(
I'm having the same issue
Same here.
yup, same here. got booted and now it won't let me back in giving me that error
Me 2, happened after i got Dc'd
Also Having the same issue. Killed the Skele King and the game locked. Now getting error restarting game.
I was finally able to log on just now, made my character, entered a house and then got DC'ed with this error as well. So lame :\
Update, seems they are performing emergency server maintainance for the next hour, i'm thinking that's connected to our issues
same here
Same error
same here
Everyone seems to be having the same issues, last night was just as much of a pain in that !@#$.

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