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I wasn't too upset before, I understood the issues....

But, now that I have to default to SWTOR for 2hrs...

Im gonna QQ in my own corner...
Go figure.. Seriously I don't blame the MODS I blame the super smart guys that pretend to know how to fix problems. You had plenty of time to get this right. Nobody expected BLIZZ to honestly have everything running perfect.. but ya think you guys would have ATLEAST been able to keep the servers up within the first 24 hours. Guess not! Pretty much all I seen of the game was error 37 and error 75 Yay! so much fun I love playing the carpal tunnel game!
I just have to say thank you for this obviously well thought out and planned release of a single player game. I'm sure all the fans of the Diablo series feel the same way.
05/15/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Scratch
Now I feel like an idiot for taking 1 of my vacation days to stay home and play. :/

You and me both. I was so excited to play, and the three hours I've had in game has blown my mind. But seriously Blizz just because half the player base is taking a vacation DOESN'T MEAN YOU GET TO!!!
Yes, it is upsetting, but seriously guys. Calm down. Thinking about it 1000 times a second isn't going to speed anything up.
Man... and what really sucks is due to this we can't even play single player...
Are you !@#$ing kidding me? I just want to play the the game. I don't give a %^-* about online play right now and I definitely don't give a !@#$ about the auction houses. I just want to play the %^-*ing game that I paid $60 to play. This perpetual online stuff is complete bull!@#$.

Yes, I know my cursing doesn't make things go any faster and is childish, but damnit, this is just infuriating. I don't blame the mods and I don't blame the techs working their butts off to fix this problem. I blame the idiots who thought this online only crap was a good idea.
WHY BOTHER having a beta if release is going to be such crap? This seems oddly familiar (glares at WoW box)...
05/15/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Graendell
I knew I shouldn't have checked the Auction house....guess I'll go talk to the wife for an hour......

Best comment ever.
Blizzard... "Where we strive for mediocrity and failure".

This happens with every launch, patch, update and expansion. Companies ran like this in the real world would be in Bankruptcy.
Sounds terrible
Agreed... there isn't even anything a company can do to compensate for this type of downtime on launch day since it isn't a monthly service. Silly us for padding the bottom line I suppose.
This wont be fixed today or tomorrow... Remember wow updates? Yes, we remember... but blizz dont.

Another hour and a half?


Oh well, hope that gets it taken care of.
With about 10 hrs played @ lvl 26 I'm not TOO pissed.

However, I feel for you dudes who've been trying to get in all day. Must really suck...
yes. fantastic idea making it an online required game. that way when your servers crash we cant play it at alll....wonderful idea.
I wouldn't be so disappointed if I didn't work 8-9 hours every day.
hour and a half to go I guess

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