Why am I being locked out of single player???

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Hey and guess what? Server is up, for real yo.
I was a big fan of starcraft, but now with starcraft 2 it requires about every couple of days to reconnect to battle.net and re-initiate the account just so I can go back home and play single player. (speaking from others points of view) "... So sick of having to connect constantly, just to play a game that is already paid for..." , and personally it didn't bother me back then but this on going necessity of still needing to connect when I really can't afford extra expenses just to play single player games is really pissing me off. I forecast that the more people get fed up with this trend the more that old games will make a come back. I for one am now siding with those that are pissed off about single player games that now require constant connection just to play their Single player game. So from here on out I'm done with this trend and will no longer buy any games that require this, I'm also done with companies that consistently ruin a perfectly good trilogy just because they get lazy in the last 5-10 minutes of the game (yes this is a ME3 reference). Also the face smashing grind fest of wow's last expansion (sick of it). Going to play free games (star treck & star wars & planet side, and many other less binding games). So I'll be joining the league of retro gamers and can't wait to see how companies respond to this changing trend.

[Locking thread as it's been necro'd and has nothing to do with a Diablo III technical issue]

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