I cant even install d3 its 4:33am in eastern

Technical Support
Ok i just shelled out 100 bucks for the collectors and i cant weven install it the setup goes updating setup files to flashin launching blizzard launcher back to updating and will do this constantly without getting anyware this is no firewall bloking it nor is antivirus blocking it nor is there any backround apps running. you should atleast let people install it without server connection i want an answer i have been a long time customer i know that that means nothing to you cause you have long sense stopped caring bout your customers but i will be thinking long and hard before making another purchase from you if them game isnty ready postpone the !@#$ing launch. sry for the language but im alittle pissed that i took off from work to play this game i have looked forward to for years to not being able to play it i think there should be some compensation for the any people having alot off issues. because you clearly dont test anything or even think it through like making it so i cant even install the game without you server I hope you have an answer cause right now im contemplating rather or not i will ever be purchasing another blizzard game

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