melee weapon with + lightning dmg...

Witch Doctor
hey guys,

i am playing a witch doctor and got him to level 5 last night before i logged off. i found some pretty cool knives, and one of them had + lightning dmg on it. now if i understand correctly, a WD will never be able to use a melee weapon, as he favors using spells and such ( awesome spells at that), anyhow when i do some of my spells such as the spider pot doesnt add the lightning effect? is this correct? or is it only when i would hit an enemy with the knife itself?

thanks for answering in advance..
I don't think it works with the spiders, but for example poison dart will add the lightning damage. You'll even hear the mobs get zapped.
I did the same question but now i didnt find the topic, maybe it was duplicated, i also want to know this info...
It could be cool if this special attributes could apply to posion dart for example...
hmm i gotta try the poison dart then when we can log back in.

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