Blizzard Phone Support, broken??

Technical Support
I have called the support number around 6 times only to be hung up on in every attempt. What is going on with your support system blizzard? Can I get a blue post please to let me know if this is a known issue or to keep trying to call? I am trying to get support on this 60 fps to 30fps issue I have had since Beta :(

Has anyone else had this problem???
No attention? :(
Everyone is calling Blizzard today. It's overloading the phone system.
you have to imagine that up until recently they had a million+ people trying to log in while the servers were down. do you think that if everyone tried to call, they have a million phone lines and a million people to answer those million phones? Use some common sense. you've waited years for this game, I'm sure a few more hours to smooth things out won't be a big deal

lol America
All the same the fact is the phone system seems to be a bit more glitchy than normal. Such as is the phone system a new platform like the new servers for Diablo III as well as the Mysts beta? Just sayn.

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