DH's, where are you right now?

Demon Hunter
Just started Act 3 when the servers pooped. Absolutely LOVING the DH. Was really torn between DH, Wiz or Monk. DH was the right call, love the game play and Smoke Screen is completely OP! Haven't died once.

Where you guys at and, are you having fun like me?
I'm near the end of Act IV. Got to 31 so far and I'm absolutely loving it.
Was playing for 30 minutes when server died... i wanna kill more stuff Q_Q
I am currently lvl 18 and on Act 2.

I have tried different builds with the DH and every single one is awesome.

Slow Build: Skill the Thief follower on slow. Skill those slow auto attacks on your DH too, get rapid fire for mobs who get too close to you.

Aoe Build: Get a follower with good aoe spells, get those aoe traps + aoe auto attacks.

I have currently problems logging in on EU but so far the DH is awesome :).
I am actually still toward the very beginning I unfortunitly got a late start on the game. I am loving DH. I was getting ready to hit level 9 when the game booted me I am just waiting for them to let me back in lol.
I'm near the end of Act IV. Got to 31 so far and I'm absolutely loving it.

Lol that might explain why I oneshot everything and took about 15 seconds for the Act III boss. :D

I'm lvl30 and have just finished Act III. :D

DH is pure awesomeness btw.
im close to the end of act 2, at level 21 i have to admit blizzard really made a great game once again i dont know about you guys but i will be playing this for a long time.
~20, probably a little less than half through act 2. Loving...every...second. DH was the right choice, hands down. As somebody else on this forum noted, I was pleasantly surprised with Chakram. I really didn't think I'd like it, but especially with the Twin rune, it's a very very nice filler until Multishot. Was like night/day when I started using it.
server down?
Level 29, I was almost finished with normal mode.
Then the server went down.
At the end of Act III, level 28.
Hells yes
Level 11, nearing end of Act I when servers hacked up a hairball.

It's maybe a little slower than other classes in the early going, but I'm having a blast!
ACT II beginning however I replayed ACT I with a friend.
nearing the end of Act I. Didn't expect to get on after all the error 37's, but it sure does bring back memories of the Diablo grind.
lvl 30, finished few quests in act 4, died few times becouse of reacless vault spaming, but over all i'm having a blast with Chakrams ^^. the amount of mobs sent at you is insane!
Started a monk but switched over to a DH when a buddy logged in. I have to say, they're tricky but oh so rewarding. Using caltrops and tumble currently. It's hard to hit me. Loving the class.
level 42 nightmare act 2
Just got to act 2. I'm wondering if it's just me, but I seem to be getting two shotted a lot.

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