Great job, keep it up!

Technical Support
This isn't really technical support per se, but I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. Thanks for working hard to make us happy. All these negative posts are getting me down a bit, so I thought I'd brighten the mood!

Other than the expected log in issues (and expected maintenance), when I am on the game is running great for me. Thoroughly enjoying it.
Ditto! Keep working the issues -- we appreciate it.
Yeah, agreed. The game itself runs very well. I remember playing the Cataclysm launch at Midnight. That was abysmal.
Game is solid and bug free. Got a lv 21 Monk no problems. Logging in was definitely an issue and the servers are down AGAIN, but it's not a huge deal. These problems will all be fixed within a week when all the casuals get bored.

All of this would've been avoided provided they had an offline mode, though. I mean really? You think that's gonna stop piracy or something? Developers should just give up that fight, you will never win and the harder you try to stop it the more you'll be targeted. Just give players the ability to play offline, this is a game that NEEDS that option.

That's my only complaint.

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