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I just bought a physical copy of D3 from GameStop, ran install, and it hung up saying that the c:\program files (x86)\Diablo III\updates\d3-0-9558-Win-final.mpq was corrupt and it needed to be re-downloaded.

I clicked ok, and everything shut down, giving me no option to redownload this file.
After a couple of attepts at this, I manually went and deleted the offending file. The next attempt to install worked as planned, but the offending file was not redownloaded.

Same here!
i deleted it as well and the downloader took right off and finished installing the game. guess its a fix? lol. thanks for the help!
I have deleted the file and rebooted my computer several times. It still keeps telling me that that MPQ file is corrupt, so I can't get it installed. Any help out there? I'm kinda upset - I have never had any game not install like this. Thanks.
I just found out how to fix the MPQ corruption error. I was able to fix it by getting a copy of the file from a friend that had a good installation. After replacing it with my own the game finally installed and I am able to play.

Deleting it didn't work for me nor did the other options that was listed. I had to replace it with a non-corrupt file from another computer.
same problem here..

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