Cannot get your Payment Info (error 3006)

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add me to the list.. same here
Same problem here.

Digital full version.

One item sold, but gold is not showing in the completed list. Another two items can not send back stash. Then error 3006 shows.
I am also getting this same error, Cannot get your Payment info (error 3006). I tried what Liben suggested but it did not help. When I open the AH, the top of the window just sits at "Gold Auction House - Retrieving Balance" and eventually the error pops up. I cannot make bids, sell items, send items to my stash. Also, I can switch to the RMAH, and when I do it shows my balance (0.00), but then I am unable to switch back to the GAH, it just says "Please wait while your payment methods are retrieved" and eventually gives the 3006 error. Its almost like it is expecting to find a payment method for real money on, but I do not have one, nor will I be putting one there. When I attempt to sell something on GAH, it says "Unable to sell. No payment methods were found on your account" which also leads me to believe diablo is expecting to find a payment method on for real money, which I am not going to do. Its almost as if the GAH thinks its the RMAH. Please fix.
Now some of the items in my "completed" tab seem to have vanished.

If you're going to make a game based around the AH, fine, just make the AH work.
I also have a greyed out SEND TO STASH button... and purchasing something this morning (before I noticed the payment error bug) it has my battlenet balance listed as having paid for the transaction, but the item is not in the queue waiting to be moved to my stash.
Getting same error. All completed gold AH auctions are locked out (won't go to stash). Then it just kicks me out of AH.

Digital full version.

Worked fine post patch yesterday.

Never used RMAH.
Same problem here.

Digital full version.
What a crappy game.

I am also receiving this "cannot get your payment info" message.

I regret purchasing diablo 3.
I'm getting the 3006 error too. Why is it that the more Blizzard tries to patch stuff, the more stuff breaks? Can some kind soul fix the damn thing...
I am getting this error also, tried updating payment and address, did nothing
Errror 3006. Full digital version.

Happens ONLY when trying to use the gold auction house.
1. Go to battlenet
2. Log in
3. Click account
4. Click settings
5. Click 'My Payment Options"
6. Click "Edit"
7. Fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*)
8. Click on "SAVE ADDRESS" button

Tried this and now I'm having trouble logging in.


EDIT: nvm... apparently I was having an isolated problem. but in any case... I tried this and it didn't work.
Same! Full digital version, GAH, etc.
Error 3006. Digital full version
same here. full version

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