Magic wepon has no icon

Bug Report
When magic wepon skill for wizards is active the icon for it doesnt show amongst other buffs over the skill bar. It does show the animation and it does increase my dmg so i know its active so its just the icon missing
We don't always show really long skills as buffs to avoid clutter. The spell lasts a really long time, and your weapon glows when it is active.
  • Isn't buff icon created for player to know is his buff still active because player can't keep track of each buff time in mind?
  • If you don't show buff icon, player have to keep track of each buff time in mind. Thats mean the buff icon don't fulfill it point of being created.

  • How much long time that you consider as "really long skill" and how you made up that number?
  • (I assumed that Archon should have buff icon due to it has only 15 seconds duration in the begining.)
    Will my Archon buff icon gone after I kill a lot of monster to increase it duration while in Archon form?
  • Dose not icon of quest NPC ,that come along with player in battle but cannot help player in battle, clutter the screen?
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