Updating setup files keeps reseting

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I have started the Diablo 3 setup.exe about an hour ago, however it stays on updating setup
files, every few seconds it changes to launching blizzard launcher but immediately changes back
does anyone have a solution to this problem?
I have tried everything: restarting installation, deleting Battle.net folder, stopping Agent.exe in task manager and still nothing.
It was doing that for me on Safe Mode.

I am currently on Reg Mode on Win7.
Here's what worked for me so far:
>Switched Logon fix to Automatic
>Deleted ProgramData/Battle.net folder
>Restarted Computer
>Right-clicked on Setup.exe on D3 CD, and 'Run as Administrator'
>Setup files stalled for about 5-8 minutes, then worked
>Install at 54% right now, we'll see how that goes
can you tell me how to switch logon fix to automatic

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