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Im getting error 37 (same message i got alot in the open beta) im trying to log in eu servers.

I had to download the us client because eu one kept download as incomplete despite using the new link i got thur my email the other day. But in based in eu

is the europe servers on? or is the us client to blame?

Im also getting error 315300
Why my mac getting 315300 when login the game??Absolutely right account and password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Some one fix this plz.
Ok so i deleted the us install and downloaded the eu install and when i got to 42 percent install it said the download was corrupted (after a agonising 4 hour re download)

Do you think blizz will give me my money back for a game that does not work?

The error i get is 108 when installing and couldn't open Tome.mpqd 3 or whatever its called.
Hope this isn't the error regarding that faulty installer a few weeks back consider i downloaded this one fresh 5 hours ago.
Be patient grasshopper, they've been working on server side issues all afternoon. The game went down around 10:30 AM Pacific and they've been trying to solve issues ever since.

No one can play right now. With the servers down that could be part of the issue a lot of users are facing with installs and logging in right now.

Additionally, there was also an issue where a lot of users had to change their password because of an error they were getting.
Aw jeez here i go again

3rd attempt at install but this time after going into the downloader and hopefully repairing the part about tome 3. Fingers crossed.

Right now id be happy to get to the login screen and get error 37. Then i can go to bed and try again tomorrow.


Hooray i think it works now as i got past 42 percent.

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