HUGE lag and its in single player

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05/15/2012 02:43 AMPosted by Joshtech
Dude, im in the same boat, im about to !@#$en burn my diablo 3 CE

that's the spirit!
Lag = Pants (not worth playing atm)
Well last night i tried 20 min trial of

Game dropped to 100ms and was playable. Must be a routing issue. Worth a try guys.

I know we should not need to do this but until its fixed this will allow you to play with no lag.
im not gonna return my CE or riot the streets but this lag is crazy isnt this what all thows beta testers where for?. . . . and isnt this what the problem has always been with other Blizzard games (WoW) one might think they would have some plain to lessen this
I hate not having a local game. Why do we need to be online for single player? No excuse. Blizzard, please PLEASE find a way to localize the game/allow for offline play. This is retarded. I have waited YEARS for you to release this game, and now that it is out I cannot play it because I have to log on to servers that will be packed for weeks...
even the yanks are lagging blizzard it seems alittle to dence to see they needed about 3x times the server capacity for diablo 3, you would think are running wow for years they might have a clue.
I've got around 500ms 24/7.

My Monk punches and a second later the air animation for Deadly Reach pops off :P

It's all part of the launch though. I know it sucks that Blizzard went all online even for single player but there are bonuses to doing it as well as obvious negatives. After a few days the latency should return to around 200ms for me, which is just about as fast as is physically possible to a US server. Don't blame Blizzard, blame your geography. Australia alone is no where near big enough for its own special server. Why not have Italy !@#$% because they don't get their own while we're at it?
I installed Diablo3 last night, was excited to start it up and had a few issues with the start of the game taking a while to load up, but then I got into the game... my lag started from around 250 but kept going up to 1500-2000 which made it annoying to play.

I was surprised to see that the single player is server dependant which defeats the purpose for me. Why can't they do like Skyrim and other games where yes you have to be starting the game through Steam or their own launcher to ensure that it's an original but then you get the benefit after with no server connection?

I'm a bit dissapointed about the choice for single player, I got the game because I wanted to play the next installment in a game I have played since the first one came out.

I'm playing for the story not for the multiplayer feature. I'm sure there are plenty of others who play it for that specific reason. I don't care about multiplayer... can get rid of it for all I care but give me offline single player please.
Too bad. Seems I am not the only one face this problem. So strange even a single play "lag" like this.
Actually I found a fix to it. I was having bad hit lag a few moments ago and it was near impossible to play. But then I got on my router and opened the ports for diablo 3 and guess what? No more lag! It's crazy!
I just failed a timed event quest coz of the terrible lag :'(
Alot of these bosses are far harder when constant lag makes there aoe attacks effectively 2-3x larger assuming you don't just get a lag spike and die.

I didn't consider it to big a deal until I hit the act 2 end boss (no spoilers but those who've done it know what I mean) and died three times because I wasn't where I thought I was.

Can't wait for torchlight 2 no lag, lan support? Very much yes please.
Yeah, 250 ms is bad enough, if you look close the attack animation and the animation on the enemies getting hit are out of sync, which for me kinda ruins the illusion of the story.

But D3 is the game that made me consider that and the 250ms delay as "low" and acceptable.

Compared to the spikes of 700-2000ms. And that kills me, always, in Hell.
When it happens i can only hope that there are no enemies nearby and try to hide and wait until it goes away.

Sometimes it helps to leave and rejoin the game. Seems that the EU server cluster does not give a **** about where you live.

In case blizzard did not know it, Europe is relatively big, if I get a server from the other side it will give me at least 100ms extra just for that.

I have been lucky and hit servers below 100ms, but its incredibly rare.

I am curious, what does "stress test" mean? Was it not what blizzard did that open beta weekend? Apparently they did not learn anything.

But then again, why waste money for new servers on us? We have already paid, they got our money. Now its time to move on.

In the end its all about money, the witch hunt for pirated games, I definitely would pay for the game that's not the issue, and I understand that pirating hurt companies.

But when the richest one of them all don't even care that the ppl who pays for their games get killed in the crossfire. Then it has gone to far.
Cannot continue solo game let alone play with others. Ping of well over 2000ms frequently. Character fails to move game fails to progress. Looks like I am headed back to Jita...
05/17/2012 01:29 AMPosted by imprdl
I just failed a timed event quest coz of the terrible lag :'(

I know how you feel...
but i failed because i had crap gear... lol
I turned off all my computers then turned of my router and my modem. waited 30 seconds. then turned my modem on then router then computer and it fixed the problem try that out. if that doesnt work call blizzard they got it fixed for me. good luck!
Over a year later...
same problems

Blizzard ought to refund game purchases.
And they will continue until we get a local server, not like that's gonna happen though.

Seriously everyone should stop supporting the scam. Blizzard will only listen when enough people from Aus/NZ stop buying into there scams...

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