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05/16/2012 04:09 AMPosted by Kaltonis
Thats interesting, I have a Dlink and am getting this problem. Let me know if the linksys works out.

Yes, I'd like to hear the results of that as well.

For everyone else in the thread, if you also play WoW and/or SC2, do you frequently see the "you have been disconnected from Battle.net" message when playing those games? My theory is that those of you suffering error 3007 are having issues maintaining an uninterrupted connection to our Battle.net server (not the game server!) and are getting disconnected as a result. In Wow and SC2 you can keep playing if this happens, you just lose Real ID chat and such, but this connection is required at all times for Diablo III.

If my theory is correct, we then just need to figure out why your particular B.net connections are not stable. Some of the reasons for a flaky B.net connection are:

- Interfering security programs
- Interference from other software that accesses the Internet (overlays, torrents, etc)
- old firmware on the router and/or modem
- old network card drivers
- wireless Internet (very few wireless Internet setups have the proper packet integrity)
- Every now and then, a particular router model or series that has issues with our games

Let me firstly say that's its not acceptable.

I'm also getting kicked with 3007, but this ONLY started happening after you took the servers down yesterday. During the first day I NEVER got kicked... so something that Blizzard did yesterday caused this.

As for your theory. I am using the same router as I used to play WoW. I will admit that I did get disconnected from RealID once in a while... but this was maybe once a week it would happen and only for a few minutes.. in Diablo 3 I'm getting kicked with 3007 every 10 minutes.. sorry but I don't see how its related.

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