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They have fixed one problem, now how bout the rest. I have been having this problem all day too. Aside from the3 servers being down, this is pissing me and the rest of the world off. Fix it or recall now. This is fraud, how can you sell something that doesn't work withthe promise at purchase that it can be used. WTF Blizzard?
ALSO, EVERYONE REQUEST A STICKY, so maybe they will notice sooner.
I also am getting stuck at authenticating credentials and then sometimes it times out to error 3007. Rest of the time it sits there forever. If I click cancel, the whole client locks up and becomes unresponsive. Very frustrating as it isnt even an issue that is on their radar... or so it seems.
Playing wirelessly with the suggested port forward numbers set up properly in my router .... and every time I try and play it disconnects me 5 mins or more into the game with a 3007 error.
Note, I am joining a friend's game ...
error 3007 again and again i want me money back i dont buy this sh*t for play 5-10 mnin
and grafic s*ck.....

Diablo 1 18/20
Dablo 2 1920
Dablo 3 09/20
Same error all day
i cant even get it to the authenticating credentials spot. its stuck on the one before that and then brings up either error 3005 or 3007.
I'm getting the same thing. I was getting 3005 a few hours ago, now I just get 3007. This is pretty annoying. Does blizzard not have a telephone support line that I can call and discuss the problem?
3006 here, just like swellingdike.
This is on Blizzards common errors page:



This issue may occur if many players are attempting to login from a single location. Rather than logging in all at once, try having a few players login at a time to avoid this issue.



This is a known issue. Our development team is working on a resolution.

Really Blizzard? Your solution statement for error 3005 isn't even applicable to me...try again. Why can't you guys resolve these problems BEFORE you release a game. I want my money back.
I have the same problem every 5 minutes. I can login and play, but only for the 5 minute period. The funny thing is, i didn't have it before the 2:30 pm pdt emergency maintenance. I have forwarded the necessary ports as per blizzard's isntructions. What is being done to resolve the problem? This is game breaking...

Oh, and I also get 400msec ping!
I am getting to various stages as most here in this thread. There are times I don't even get to the start up of it, I just enter my password and get this [Lost Connection (Error: 3007)]

It varies between that point, the credentials, character creating, character switching, etc. I've not been able to get past the character menu, still have yet to load into the game. I received this error the entire time I tried to participate in Open Beta. Never get in, but everyone I personally know has no problem.

I've seen mentioned multiple times in here that people have no problem playing their other games, including World of Warcraft, but several issue happen here, so router's, firewalls, etc are not an issue, it is something with the server it's self.

Like most I have been waiting on this game for 12 years. I am an old fan from the beginning back in '96 so I am with all the Diablo fans on this. I paid nearly $300 total for 2 collectors editions and 2 limited edition strategy guides for my and a friend. He lives on the other side of town and get's the same issue as I do. This issue has been going on since Open beta at the latest to say the least. So please, Someone from blizzard....we are all begging you, please give some insight on this rapidly growing problem. If we are all able to play other games and do other stuff like even post here on the forum, our internet is doing just fine, so why are we all here loosing connection and not able to play the game? $260 is what I paid for eveything, and many others paid their fair share too, so please fix it, let us know something quickly, anything so we are not in the dark.
No wireless here, error 3007 every 5 mins.......guess it's ok bc I'm racking up xp having to kill the same monsters over and over again but kills the experience pft.
And I didn't have this problem on the beta!
wow guys, calm down.. the game has only come out yesterday.. i would hate to see you people cry about BF3..
I am getting booted randomly too. Error 3007 at the character screen then I get booted back to the battle net log in. WTF????
Everyone, please, request sticky!!
I admit it, I've ground my way through D2 for years (single player, no broadband available in my area until very recently), but these errors are tough to deal with. Fortunately I think we D3 players are either 1) crazy patient because we're used to waiting, or 2) crazy impatient because it's been too long.

It's so pretty, but this diabolical ERROR3007 beastie keeps kicking my butt.
Yeah looking forward to this problem being resolved.
I am getting this issue just like everyone here, but my friend is not. He is in a different state-- maybe that's it-- or maybe its something to do with d3 and my router? I made sure to allow incoming and outgoing connections through my firewall. Waiting anxiously for a STICKY and a hotfix please.
I fixed this problem by allowing DMZ on the computer I am playing on through the router firewall settings. I don't think anyone should have to do this to play a game.... but it fixed the problem for me. No more getting booted off. No more error 3007.

I search twitter and the Blizzard CS account tweeted this for help on that error.


Wasn't exactly clear because it never says to allow dmz, but to open ports instead.

Hope this helps some of you.

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