area blanked out by blue wall

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Just got to new tristram...the path leads straight into a blue void which you can't pass.
anyone else seen this?
Yep, epic lag is the cause. Game is currently unplayable. Enemies don't load, areas don't load, attacks don't register. I guess we just have to wait until Blizzard can fix the server issues.
as my mate just said:

"congratulations on your purchase, thank you for paying to be a beta tester."
I played the worked flawlessly lol :P
Pings are a lot higher than they were in the beta, we got scammed.
Got the blue wall of death too...restarted only to found it reset my account\toon! Now I am back to the bloody start! WFF Blizzard!
Works fine for me. Where are you located? QLD here.

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