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I pre downloaded the full game a few weeks ago, and now, when I open the setup file, It opens to the launcher, which is attempting to download 8 gigabytes. I know this is incorrect, so is there any way I can wipe the launcher's memory and see if it will behave properly once wiped?
It may be attempting to download due to corrupted files. If you are using the predownloader, does the D3 Installer folder have any files that have a .part extension?
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This is small step for me, but big step for humanity. Or something like that...
I fixed it.
Just incase you are interested or anyone else has this problem.
I first clicked the button on my account page to full download as i was confused of what to do because my predownload hadn't finished and was therefore corrupt, but i thought it was finished, and just needed a patch to uncorrupt. I then realized i hadn't finished the download, finished it, launched and it remembered it was downloading the full game.

delete any files in your D3 folder that were not from the pre download then right click on the blizzard launcher in the docks and wipe its memory by deleting its cache. (In my case i delted the whole thing. this broke the D3 installer, but i re installed the blizzard installer by opening the MoP beta). Then re-open the D3 setup and it goes to install like it should.

That's my fix for all you idiots like me out there who 'thought' you finished the pre download but didn't.

Sorry to waste your time Machkhan.

P.S Machkhan, you're my hero :D

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