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At this rate, it'll finish installing after 5 working days!
Taking an age.
Mine started off not moving, but it's at a good 48% now (35 minutes into the install)
I'd assume the issues are getting ironed out as time goes on...
Finally... after days of hard work! The issue is not the d3 disc, but (maybe) your disc drive. Just bought a new pc, everything seems.... "fast"!
Thank you for the tip of downloading and installing that way. My install seems to be going quicker this way. Only time will tell though!!
%11 in 2 hour
If you are at 1% for a long time then the reason is that the game opens a popup behind the installation asking if you already have a Battle.Net account or not, installation will not proceed until after this is clicked. Took me half an hour of wondering why the hell it was still at 1%
However, it has now been a further half hour after clicking this and I am now at 6% - Absolutely stupid, have a brand new XPS so there is no way there is anything wrong with my drive speeds. The Drive will randomly start reading every 5 minutes and then goes dead for a further 10. We have been waiting years for this release...something that should have been thought of and fixed. Not good enough Blizzard!
wow u just resurrected a thread that was made 2 months ago..?dont tell me you've just bought the game dude/dudette..!
Had same problem, and yep it worked!
good work .. you bought a dead game ...
What Geeklad said!
During one of my mates installs his computer was downloading the install instead of using the disc, he tried a bunch of stuff but I'm pretty sure it didn't work until he did this:
1) Uninstalled what he had downloaded (might not need to do this, going from memory)
2) Turn off PC
3) Turn on PC
4) Make sure it is NOT connected to any source of internet
5) Install from Disc.

This was so annoying, especially considering afte rhe figured it out we couldn't play because of launch week mayhem!

Bloody Necromancers! Let this thread die!
My install was extremely slow as well. By a half an hour I had only completed 1.5%. Ugh. So I opened up the my computer screen and double clicked on the DVD in the drive. A screen popped up and said "checking for updates" then magically I was at 35.6% and the installation screen had changed slightly as to incorporate checkpoints showing that the game was able to be played after a certain percentage had been installed. From that point the install went light-years faster and ultimately completed about 10 minutes later. Worked for me and only took 45 minutes to install completely.
so, when its complete does it work ??
i tried to install from the disc by disconnecting from internet but it did not work. how can i understand if it is installing from the disc or from the internet? and how can i make it to use the disc to install? instead of downloading the game. because it's super slow, i think it is trying to download the game.
When you install from the disc the installer first checks online for a newer version of the installer and downloads it, then once it has that it starts installing from the disc.(the updated installer is about 200mb).

Because of this it starts slow downloading but speeds up in time once it is pulling data from the disc. As far as I know there is no way to avoid this, blizzard was abit stupid making the installer work like that =/
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I would just download it from the website, it seems faster to me.

took a clear 8 hours....

but it took 1 hour to get to 1% from disk XD

so i just quit and did it off the internet.
Same here. U seem to have the same problem as me. Is there a way out of this problem?
48 euros to spend my night off looking at an installation bar that has taken 30 minutes to get to 3%. I'm installing from DVD on a Mac.

Thanks, Blizzard. Nice job.
Mine crept along for about 30 minutes, and when it got to about 7% it sped up to 60% in less than a minute.

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