servers full - Error 37 constant!

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is rediculous. Has 3 hours that I am trying to play the game and servers are full! What is happening? Error 37 all the time. I was not waiting for this feedback! Why not has enough servers available?
I am no longer getting this error. However I continue to be disconnected from games at random times.
and now people are wondering why cracked games are being downloaded!!!
same here, wont let me log in at all
they dont care... they have your money now... its all they wanted.
why did'nt they make a NON Online single player mode so we don't all sit and moan ...surely Blizzard knew that there would be chaos with millions of gamers tryuing to log on simultaneously!
I kinda like the new Diablo. It reminds me so much of the many happy hours I spent trying to log in to Diablo II.
I like it too, will probably like it even more when i can play it......
and i thought they might have learned from wow... guess not :(
I'm in, yahoo...
I'm out again, haha.
Got off work early and decided not to go to gym (supposed to be @ 7). Played for 1 hr starting @ 5:30 and guess what ... by 6:30 I got DCed and kept getting the error 37. So, I've skipped gym for what? to watch some random TV channel while constantly trying to log in for the past 3 hours? ARE YOU FKING KIDDING ME?!

p.s. its 10:25pm here, in case someone wants to sit and disprove my statement.
what about a queue list?If i would know im at 100000 form 999999999 users i dident need to try login all ddos for bliz. servers ^^
dude iv been trying to get in for like 4 hours!!!
Also struggling to log it, its 4 hours now...thouroughly disappointed
Almost 5 hours now. Going off to bed. Going back to other WORKING games. Bye Blizz.
Been sitting here for 2 hours after I played earlier to relogon, however, I guess Blizzard FORGOT the fact that people want to play the game rather than stare at the logon screen. I guess since they got my 60 bucks, they probably dont give a s**t. This is the last game I buy from this company; I'm thoroughly done with this crap.
Just bought and downloaded the game about 2pm ET. Played for about an hour and got a message regarding servers shutting down. Tried to run the game again after 5 mins and been in queue for a while now.

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