Probably a dumb question, BUT...

Witch Doctor
I'm playing as a witch doctor and for the life of me I can't figure out how to switch over to having a melee weapon as either my right or left mouse attack.
What possible reason could there be for doing that?
This bugged me too, the witch doctor actually gets knives and things but you don't actually ever use them, you just use em to add dmg to your spells.
Again I ask:

What possible reason could there be for wanting to attack with your tiny little knife rather than with a spell?
Huh, that seems odd. I just wanted to see if I was missing something.
Whether or not there is a logical reason isn't what he's asking. He's just asking how to do it. Who cares why he wants to do it. I don't get it, either, but I couldn't care less. If he wants to melee Diablo to death, let him. Good luck.

I have no idea how to do this, Trek, as I have only played a DH so far. Again, good luck.
Well, not really interested in attacking with daggers, but there are other melee weapons to use...
use elective mode, or drag the skill off of the attack bar at the bottom and into the game view, it will give you the "default" attack that was on your right click when you started the game. Again, not sure why you want to do this, as most, if not all, spells do >100% weapon damage. but to each his own.
Not working for me -.-
Just fyi, for those of you who keep bringing up that WD should be able to use melee attacks since they use melee weapons. Your main hand melee weapon damage directly impacts the damage of your spells. Meaning, the higher dmg of your weapon = higher dmg of your spells. Some spells go by 100% of the weapons damage, others go higher or lower. WD =/= melee class.
Yes, it is a dumb question. 'Wrist slap'
Aaah, I had the same question and was getting pretty aggravated with the inability to melee... thank you for answering my unasked question!
Again I ask:

What possible reason could there be for wanting to attack with your tiny little knife rather than with a spell?

And I was hopeful Trolls were only found in the WoW forums -.-

Just leave and don't leave pertentious, snoody comments?
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Thank you
thanks for the help
I thought I would be the only one wondering about this. Thanks for asking!
I was wondering the same thing. was able to do it on beta but forgot how...
about why some people want their WD to attack with melee weapons, you can see that firebat spell is more of for someone with a melee weapon to use. and it seems to me in beta melee weapons had done more damage than spell also.
Jeeze, i'm already annoyed by these wow heroes with their useless comments...

The real question is, when you have a weapon that steals life, do you have to attack with it? Or do the spells steal the life? Haven't tested that yet but that may be a reason to use some melee attacks..

If you wow babies would've played diablo in the past, you would have seen melee sorcerers which could actually do well, even though it was tough and just for lulz/fun. If you have nothing worth while to contribute, please just go wow it up.
Yes, whatever attributes you have on your armor/accessories/weapon/offhand are applied to your spells as well. So if you have life/mana leach on your weapon your spells will do just that.

ie my main hand currently has a life steal, that plus leaping spiders, or poison dart with splinter rune i regen crazy fast! (spiders are actually melee hits over 2 seconds even tho its considered a dot mechanic)

However life/mana steal procs do not work on spells just as locus swarm/haunt etc etc basiclly any spell that is not a Primary will not benifit from life/mana steal.

and yes my spelling/grammer sucks, suck it up! :)

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