Strange lockup when attempting timed events.

Technical Support
Start by stating this didn't happen in beta, but now its happening in retail.

Anytime i start an event with a timer, such as Jar of souls, and just recently the crumbling vault in act 2, The game locks up(drops to about 1 frame per 10 seconds and DCs after about a minute) Obviously i didnt complete the crumbling vault in beta, but i did complete jar of souls in beta many times with no issues.

I run on medium settings with a solid 60 FPS with vsync enabled.

Specs are

E8500 Dual core 3.16
4g memory
Nvidia 450 GTS
Win7 64

Just hoping i'm not the only one experiencing this, and its odd to me that it was fine in the beta, and now its not. Any info would be apreciated.


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