To all still having tome.mpq file issues:

Technical Support
To all who are still experiencing this issue:

Log into your account and download the new D3 installation client. I was unable to get any other work around to properly download and install the game last night (I assumed that the files I downloaded previous to the new D3 client download/installer would work fine. This is the installer that does not give you the option to play the game once you reach the 20 percentile in your download/install process). Once I downloaded the new installer from it worked fine (The one that DOES give you the option to play the game before the entire download process is completed). This also worked for several friends last night that were experiencing the same issue. This installs the game files as they are downloading, so it's a pretty simple 1 step solution. I was getting 2.5 Mbps last night when the servers were being hammered, so I am guessing that transfer rates should be the same today if not better.

Key Note:
You only have to download about 1/4th of the actual game to play it, although it will be in a degraded state as the game will need to fetch the content that you have yet to download. This increases load times due to buffering as well as degrades video playback, but it will get you your "fix" until you have some idle time to allow the entire game to download.

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