Stuck at Retrieving Hero List....

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Game wont go past this.. anyone else?
Same here, most progress I have had yet.
same here
Same here, I got in briefly, but got locked up at character screen and had to relog, now I'm stuck at retrieving hero list.
Yep, that's where I am too
This is due to the emergency maintenance, servers are still not up! Well at least that is my take on this just wait :) error 37 to follow soon enough!
Got that earlier, just hit cancel and try again. Took me a few trys but I'm sitting on the menu now, however I'm 317002ed :( Come on 1:30...hurry up.
servers are still down
I found restarting the client worked for me. When ever i would get stuck at something i would restart game and retry and it would work almost instantly
Servers are up! My neighbor is on the same connection as I am. He is currently leveling and here I am (having seen just about every error message they can throw at me) scanning battlenet to see how many others are burning "sick days". We paid for a finished product not excuses. This is an established company with lots of resources, how much have they made just on pre-sales of D3, let alone revenues from WoW. WHY BLIZZARD?!? What is the point of beta and stress testing if you can't release a completed functioning product to your paying customers? Maybe your shareholders should get an error message in lieu of dividend checks this quarter.
FREE ITEMS FOR US THAT ARE AFFECTED BY THIS MISSHAP!! 4 years about ive paid and played wow, and before that, diablo 2.......and THIS is the treatment that loyal players get......sick of it.
Same here! Pfff WTF?
so all the asian and euro players get to play but when it comes to North America we get screwed?? wow!!
I'm experiencing the same thing, although my friend just logged in no problem. So I guess it's not affecting everyone. This sucks.
I agree completely!! It sucks!
I'm having the same issue. Been stuck at "Retrieving Hero List..." for about 15 mins already.
i too am stuck here. But honestly, this is what you should expect on a launch day. If you have ever been apart of a game release at midnight you know it never goes smooth. Look at what happened to halo reach when it launched. Servers were messed up for a couple days. Same thing with Battlefield when it launched. Just give them some time and keep the whining to a minimum it will be up soon enough. Been waiting since 9th grade for diablo 3 to come out. I am now 21 years old. I can wait a little longer for them to get everything working.

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