Gargantuan RULES!

Witch Doctor
My gargantuan is a BEAST!

My doggies might be squishy, but my Gargantuan just tanked the final boss of ACT 2 (normal) after the barb in the party died.

Jungle Fort and Zombie Handler for passives, for the WIN!
Sweet, that's good to hear!
Witch Doctors=BYOB, bring your own barb
Same exact senario here, barb and I, Barb ripped, gargan tanked.
lol just did the same myself. Had my doggies set to drop orbs when they died made life easy for me run in grab orbs and dot him run out nuke nuke nuke summon doggies run in grab orbs dot boss run out. Rinse repeat and just keep movin durin aoe/slam phases
I agree 100%! Gargantuans are unstoppable! :D
Oh, just mentioned this in another thread, but I can't wait to get Big Stinker rune for my Gargantuan. Just to hear the flatulence of course. Hopefully it sounds like a more epic version of an old Bile Demon's pleasantries.
lol same thing here but with DOGS, friend thats running a barb derped and just ate it in the face, Dogs tanked just fine.

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