I've tried everything. Disk and downloader.

Technical Support
So I waited in line to buy it, not hours like others, and got it.
Then I get the game home, try to install using disk and it gets stuck at 6% for like an hour. So I start it over.

Does it again. SO I go to sleep and wake up and it's still at 6%. I leave for work and come back and it's at 12%. Then it gets stuck at 43% and I get angry and close out of it. So I try the downloader, holy slow as hell. My internet is also slow, but this is just angering. Transferring at like 185kbps.

I've had that corrupt .mpq file error or whatever too, so I deleted all temp data and the programdata battle.net file and all that too. Whats the problem here? Nothing I do seems to work. Running with a satellite e105-s1402 - and yes I know the gfx card is !@#$ but it ran d3 beta :D

No errors saying incompatible hardware or anything, just insanely insanely slow. Disk or downloader.
Oh and I've tried disabling p2p on the download, I did the IE auto detect untick thing also.

still :(
if i cut myself will it go faster !!?!?!
is that what you want blizzard!??!
if i cut myself will it go faster !!?!?!
is that what you want blizzard!??!

No, it will not. Call a hotline if you think you are in danger also.

The GPU might not be supported officially by the game.
It's a Intel 4500MHD Integrated Graphics right?

Having the beta running on your specs don't mean the full game will. Even if betas normally run worse than the full game but with Diablo 3 it's seems differents for low specs.

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