Mouse does not respond!

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as the opening cinematic unfolds the mouse cursor can be seen in the black margin below the animation and continues to stay in place and not respond once on the battle net login screen. seems like a dumb issue but i cant figure it out need help
Also dealing with cursor not moving when launching game
Same, mouse is dead. However I can still hover over things if I guess where the mouse is.
I have a Logitech M510 mouse and I am experiencing the same issure with the mouse not responding on the LOGIN screen. I have already tried disabling the Logitech software with no luck.
i have the same exact problem my cursor will not move
mouse cursor will not move.. tried a different mouse, reboot and uninstalled, installed the digital download and still no dice. Also currently updating drivers for my video card but i dont think that will work.
I'm having the same issue the game loads up and everything is running but the mouse is not moving at all. no other issues so far.
i got it fixed.. gotta adjust your display zoom back to 100%.. i had mine on 150% for text beings that i use my tv as my monitor... which also makes it hard to play the game as you cant read the text without stressing out your eyes... I haven't had a real computer desk nor monitor in 8 years... this game might make me have to look into getting on. No way to adjust the text

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