Windows Vista Needs newer OS problem HELP

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Hey guys,

I'm getting the diablo 3 needs a newer operating system error.

I'm running Windows Vista Home premium 23 bit SP2.

I've installed all the new updates through windows installer.

I tried the system reg change to 300 thing.

I tried compatibility mode to xp sp2.

Anything I haven't tried yet? I'm pretty pissed at this point, as I called in sick tomorrow for no reason. I've spent lets see... almost 5 hours tinkering with this trying to overcome bug after bug and I haven't even gotten into the game yet! The real kicker is that I was a beta tester and it worked fine for me then (inb4 delete your beta files).
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05/15/2012 01:36 AMPosted by ladygragas
23 bit

Well, there's your problem right there!
05/15/2012 01:51 AMPosted by Oomwehmweh
Well, there's your problem right there!

lol... 32 bit....

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