Getting Error Code 3014 - Game isn't working

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I installed and patched the game last night, went to bed early, and woke up early so I could play. However, I haven't been able to get it to work. I'm getting error code 3014 whenever I try to login to my account.

I googled the error code and it seems like this has something to do with the beta? I was never in the beta so I don't know why I would be getting this error code. I downloaded the client before the open beta weekend. I downloaded the retail client when they made it available on the store for people who did the WoW annual pass.

Blizzard please help me. Is there a way I can convert this from beta to retail if that is indeed my problem? I don't want to have to download the whole game again. My DSL only runs at a max of around 300kbs and it will take me ALL DAY to re-download the game.
Blues help please. Like I said, I have never been in the beta. I downloaded the client from my account a few weeks ago when it first became available.
i am getting the same exact problem
oh if it's with beta and you did played the beta. You may want to delete the folder in C:\programdata and try restoring the folder using the digital download.

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