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Hey i've tried all the troubleshooting. I've even formatted my hard drive a couple days ago and made a fresh clean install of lion with not much more stuff on my hard drive.
I dedicate my mac book pro to D3 and still have super slow FPS around 11-12.

The game is basically unplayable.

Please tell us why?
Just because you did all of that does not mean the game will run well. You probably have a low end graphics card.
Bootcamp your mac. Windows 7 will utilize your graphic card much better. Return the mac version and purchase the pc version.
Windows 7 allocates more memory to your graphics card then mac OS will allow. Also if your mac has 2 gigs of RAM it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade to 4 gigs. 2 gigs is the minimum for diablo 3
2 Gigs are the RECOMMENDED settings, so it should be fine. If not, Blizzard should stated that you have to have 4 GB, shouldn't they?

Anyhow, there are people with Systemspecs far above the recommended systemsettings, with 8 or 16 GB and greater graphiccards, and STILL they have low fps.
That problem shouldn't be solved by the customer.
Because the graphics card can pulls from the system RAM is the reason I suggested the RAM upgrade. It's not blizzard, it's the way Mac OS is built. Mac OS does not utilize the graphics card the same way Windows does. That is the reason League of Legends pull support away from Mac OS. It was too hard to get it to run properly. League of Legends has just about the same graphics too.
Yeah, that is correct, BUT if you make a product for make and show recommended settings and customers HAVE these settings, so they should be able to play the game maxed out, don't you think? Play it on their macs and not with a VM or Bootcamp version of Windows 7. I mean, i got a Windows-PC and i am playing it there, but there are people, who don't want to use bootcamp/a VM and just want to play the game natively on their MacOS, so the solution can't be:

- use Windows on your Mac


- the recommended settings aren't good enough, we're sorry
Yeah your absolutely correct. They should have warned customers that it would not run as well on Macs and that PC is the best option, but we all know the companies don't always play by the rules. I am not saying that they can't come out with a patch that will help the problem, I am just giving a solution for people that want to play the game now and have it perform well. Overall it will take Apple to start thinking about the Mac gamers though for Mac users to be completely happy with their experiences when gaming. Developers don't like dumbing down their works of art so Apple will just have to up it's game in the gaming department.
I agree. Almost false advertisement on their part here.

This game is far less enjoyable than it should be because of this

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