How do I force this game to install?

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If what I read on here is true, apparently this game will not install on your system if you do not meet the required specifications. My opinion this is BS and if I want to try to attempt to run it on a lower system that is my right to do so.

My issue is I am .1 ghz smaller then is required. They say a 2.8ghz processor is needed, I am running on a 2.7ghz.

Is there any way to get this game to install, it downloaded all the files and I have a temp folder filled to 7.6gb then deleted itself and now has recreated the folder and is filling up again.

I meet and exceed all the other specifications needed. I should be able to override this, its my game. It belongs to me. Don't tell me what I can and cannot install on my own system.
Not sure if you seen it, but if it tells you your system is below system requirements hit escape don't click ok, I think it works around it for most people unless you have my problem, operating system is out of date...give it a try if you haven't
Thanks I will give that a try. I hope it works.
I think I've tried just about everything and still won't install, it says I need a newer OS but I have Vista, restarted computer, changed compatibility to XP, found to windows updates to install to see if it would make a difference but still says I need a newer OS. WTF Blizzard
I tried escaping out of the system requirements message and it still does nothing...

I am locked into the AP for this, and I am quite sure I signed up for the AP before D3's sys requirements were released....

and now I have a game I cannot play.
Well somehow the game went ahead and installed. The temp folder changed to a normal one and there is a icon on my desktop...

I clicked it and now its updating all the files and is at 26%....

so we shall see how it goes

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