Do i have to BUY a Key?

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I am doing the 12 month Wow thing and it says i need to complete the set up by entering my "key" i dont have one so it gives me another option to purchase it... Am i supposed to purchase a game key AND pay for 12 months of wow?...
Yea same problem here asking me for a game key but I did the 12month thing too should be free and its not. Would like to a explaination of what we should be doing to fix this issue
No, you should see D3 has already been added to your Bnet account. If you're referring to the screen I'm thinking of then you should be able to click 'I've already activated' or something similar.
Select the second option (as stated above) "I've already..." and the launcher should popup. Just endter your battlenet info to launch the game once the servers are back up.
i get this....

Already have a game key?

when i click it says enter key...

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