I won't be buying anymore blizzard games

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Spend your time writing an review about this issues here:


And be happy
I just read the title. Not anything in the post. But

I can gladly say I am perfectly fine with your decision to not buy any more Blizz games. I won't have to deal with your whiny !@# in game. I won't have to read posts of you complaining about an issue that's probably related to your pc and not Blizzard.

GFY. DIAF. Why do you think you're entitled to so much from day 1? Impatient kids these days.

Why do you think you're not entitled to anything but what the company is so gracious to allow on day 1. You paid for the product did you not?
Spend your time writing an review about this issues here:


And be happy

Why do you keep thinking this will make a difference. Its in the Agrement you agreed to, so stop flooding the poor BBB with complaints that are not valid.
I'd rather go through this waiting game then play with a bunch of hackers.
Yes you will. You're gonna be buying MoP. You're gonna buy the D3 expansion. You might even buy the SC2 expansion if you're into SC2. Then you're gonna buy that Project Titan FPS-MMO that Blizzard is working on.

Nice try though.
because THIS http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5051765603 post isn't enough to know servers are not available at the moment.
blah blah empty threats blah blah i'll never blah blah
Good, bye.
Yes you will.
See you at the expansion launch.
I'm pretty sure that what I've been playing the last few hours was in fact, single player. You see, when you're playing by yourself, that is actually SINGLE player. When you play with a friend, that is TWO players. I know it's difficult to count, but perhaps if you paid better attention in school, then maybe, just maybe, you would begin to understand.
So yes, I've been playing SINGLE player.

However the game isn't designed to be single player, that's just an option. The game is described as a Co-Op online game. Just because you want to play alone, doesn't mean that's how it's programmed. I can play any MMO as a single player game, but does that mean I have a right to !@#$% when I can't get an item from a raid because I refuse to play with other people? No.
typical fanboys. it has multiplayer capability but when you can play it all by yourself straight thru guess what? THIS IS A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!
Lol quit crying and go learn how to play basketball or something.. Gave me a chance to workout.. gotta look at the glass half full sometimes
OP. This game is for "ADULTS ONLY." You're not supposed to be here
The game has been released less then 24 hours, get over it. If you didn't anticipate problems upon release then you must have your head 10 feet deep in the sandbox kid. They'll fix the errors like they do with all their other game launches and these pointless threads will die down because the game is actually fun.
05/15/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Kalgor89
First I have a 315300 error, when I finally get away from that error, its because I get a error 75, then an error 37 and now back to the 315300. Does anything work on this????? I mean, I just want to play single player, but because you force me to use battlenet, I can't. U have ruined this game b4 I even get to play it. And from what I have seen on other posts, no one from blizzard is talking.

Cool one less person in queue.

You know you'll be buying them once you can log in, and in a week when you're 1/2 or more rared out in legendaries, etc., you'll be back to giving Blizzard their cash. Even with the numerous errors at launch, they're still the best show in town. So sit down, strap in, and wait like the rest of us.
That would be great! Seems as if no one has any patience nor even bothered to find out what diablo3 is all about, you dont just hop into a game that is the third out of the series and expect it to be all that you wanted.

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