I was so disappointed with WD... and then.

Witch Doctor
Gargantuan Zombie. Just the man I've been waiting for.
Agreed. I was considering switching classes until that moment. WD starts off pretty tough, but there's a serious deadzone right now. This fellow changes that entirely though ^_^
I actually thought of changing until I started to spam fire bats that !@#$ is just pure evil. Love just standing there and mowing down enemies as they attempt to get close to you. But can't wait for Gargantuan Zombie
Are you guys finding the Zombie dogs to just die in a couple of seconds against a large group of monsters? i have the jungle medicine as a passive....

i picked up spirit walker instead, so much more useful

Depends on what else you have with the Zombie Dogs. I find them really useful in big fights but once again I have other things helping me out.
Haha, you guys have me excited. Just a few more levels to unlock him. Absolutely loving WD so far, so he'll just be icing on the cake I suppose.
Gargantuan is a stud, I was moanin and !@#$%n about the powers of WDs until I learned that skill. and now, I think WDs are extremely cool and versatile.

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