Weapon Elements

Witch Doctor
Do weapons elements even do anything?
For example, I have a crossbow that adds 2-4 holy damage. Since I am using the poison darts skill will the holy damage still get applied? There isn't any way to notice if it is applying it or not.
Also there seems to be no sense in using a weapon with elemental damage if I decide to use corpse spiders because I'm pretty sure it does not carry over.
It should be applied. Holy probably does not have any visible marker for the damage. I did notice in beta a slow effect on random spells when I had a cold damage spell equipped.
Yeah I noticed it too in beta when I was using a monk. I had a fist weapon with cold damage and it seemed to apply randomly.
Does any one no if it worth even having a wepon attached? surely your spells get your attributes of the weapon??

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