Stuck at "Updating Setup Files

Technical Support

nothing posted has helped did the maintenance not fix this or am i out of luck for a while longer?
Im stuck as well
same here!!!! WTH???
Still not able to play Diablo on my Alienware computer because of agent.exe and my vista aren't compatible?! :(
Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm sure vista users with compatible computers are playing as we speak :(

I purchased digital download btw
Tell me about it... I've been looking to fix this all day yesterday, so far nothing has worked

compatible has nothing to do with it
my pc is IDENTICAL to my wife's and she has no issues i however am stuck the same as the rest of you
Boo i really wanted to play. The worst part about it all is i can't even be bothered to mess around on WoW knowing i have D3 on my account and i login just to sit there and look at my wow toon in disgust haha

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